Research is critical to any successful job hunt – and is an important first step in identifying which companies to target, obtaining information about a company’s culture, its leadership, and so on, and preparing for a job interview.

They can yield everything from general but useful information about a company’s history and financials to more detailed nuggets of information like what sorts of benefits are offered or even the company’s stance on social responsibility.

1. Company Websites

A quick internet search to find a company website can give you access to everything from press releases and leadership team profiles to media mentions and the sorts of perks and HR benefits available to employees.

Pay special attention to the style and tone (traditional, conservative or cutting-edge?) of the website, the language used in the copyrighting (formal or informal?) and the availability of information available.

Your take on these can provide you with invaluable insight into a company’s culture and the vibe it is aiming to project to the public.

2.  Social Media and Web Searches

Most companies now have social media streams which help identify new products, company culture, customer reviews and even staff profiles.

Take advantage of ranked and “best of” lists when looking to assemble a list of companies to target based on your interests. These lists range in scope and size from “Top 100 Companies in IT” to “Top 10 Companies for Telecommuting” to “Best Companies to work for”.

3. Industry Insights

These can be searched on the internet very easily and will help identify growth companies

The analysis they provide can provide insight into the challenges faced by companies you may like to work for. At the very least, this research and review can help you to sound prepared and knowledgeable during an interview, or even help you prepare questions.

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